Sweeping the Temple [What I Am Doing for Kallynteria & Plynteria]

Yesterday began with our hands in the dirt, pulling weeds and planting seeds, and ended with our eyes on the stars, gazing upon the beautiful Arcturus and Vega through the telescope.  As above, so below. [Quick aside, this reminds me of a podcast I’ve been thoroughly enjoying of late: Between the Earth and Stars (formerly Media Astra Ac Terra) hosted by Oraia Helene, who delivers an entertaining and educational blend of science and spirituality, geology and astronomy, along with the metaphysical properties of stones and the myths behind the constellations. Check it out!]

But today and tomorrow we are celebrating the Kallynteria and Plynteria with a thorough house-cleaning and temple sweeping, including our household shrines. Today is the Kallynteria, the festival of “Sweeping Out” the temple of Athena in Athens.  We are dusting and cleaning the entire house as the music of Donna Summer (R.I.P.) blasts in the background.

Tomorrow we are celebrating the Plynteria with a more formal ritual to Athena the Guardian, in which we will be taking the caryatid statue (dedicated to Athena) from the household shrine down to the beach and washing it in the sea.

Now, back to work . . .


I have other work,
I bind the sacred wreaths;
I sweep the holy gate,
and with my laurel-branch,
the steps before the house;
I lave the marble pavement . . .
. . .
let me praise
this spirit,
this home;
let me revere
altar, pillar, rare
tasks I have done;
work can not tire
priests, servants;
immortal joy awaits
immortal devotes . . .”

[from Euripides’ Ion, translated by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)]

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