Then through my dream the choir of gods was borne . . .

Gustave Moreau – Phaethon

The Fall of a Soul
 by John Addington Symonds (October 5, 1840 – April 19, 1893)

I sat unsphering Plato ere I slept:
Then through my dream the choir of gods was borne,
Swift as the wind and lustrous as the morn,
Fronting the night of stars; behind them swept
Tempestuous darkness o’er a drear descent,
Wherethrough I saw a crowd of charioteers
Urging their giddy steeds with cries and cheers
To join the choir that aye before them went:
But one there was who fell, with broken car
And horses swooning down the gulf of gloom;
Heavenward his eyes, though prescient of their doom,
Reflected glory like a falling star;
While with wild hair blown back and listless hands
Ruining he sank toward undiscovered lands.


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  1. I need to read more of Symonds’ poetry; I have a book of it here, but so many things from work and life have prevented me from dipping much into it, alas…

    (On which, I hope to have more for you in the near future–!)

  2. Oh, and, as I’m here and this is relatively easy: are yourself and Wildstar at all busy on Sunday the 23rd? If you’d fancy a trip to Seattle, myself and several Mystai of Antinous, and some assorted other lovelies that I’m sure you’d enjoy meeting, both from the Seattle area and from further afield, are going to have a Saturnalia/Sigillaria/Solstice ritual and party, focusing on some Antinoan matters but encompassing others as well. If you are free and want to make a day of it, you could pick me up in the late morning, we could see people and do things in Seattle and surrounds for the afternoon, attend the party in the early evening, and then head back, and I could get you gas money for the entirety. Or, you could make your own way down when you can, attend the party, and so forth. In any case, if that appeals, let me know!

    (Sorry for the short notice on this…like I said, it’s been busy!)


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